Our Retail Range

In today’s busy world it’s more important than ever to eat mindfully! Our supermarket range has been created using NO preservatives, NO additives… NO numbers! Just real food.

Go figure? Food that IS actually good for you!

The Range

Cold range

Tamari Chicken Breast

Bowlsome Tamari Chicken

Protein + antioxidant 

Chicken Caesar

Bowlsome Chicken Caesar Bowl

Protein + good fats + fibre + antioxidants

Middle Eastern Cabbage Roll

Bowlsome Middle Eastern Cabage Roll

Prebiotic fibre + antioxidants

Roasted Harvest

Bowlsome Roasted Harvest Bowl

Prebiotic fibre + antioxidants

Asian Chicken Slaw

Bowlsome Asian Chicken Slaw

Protein + antioxidant

Heat & Eat range

Grilled Chicken Breast

Bowlsome Grilled Chicken Breast

Zaatar Salmon Fillet

Bowlsome Zataar Salmon Fillet

Braised Lamb 

Bowlsome Braised Lamb Bowl

Vegan Mushroom Ragout

Bowlsome Vegan Mushroom Ragout

Chicken Curry

Bowlsome Chicken Curry

Where to Buy

Keep an eye out as we add new locations!

Cant find us at your local? Send us an email info@bowlsome.com.au – We would love to hear from you!

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